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BA400, BA200 Fully Auto Analyzer



  • Discrete, random access, fully automated
  • 100 tests per hour, up to 300 tests per hour with ISE
  • Up to 33 onboard chemistries and 4 ions
  • Refrigerated reagent compartment
  • Flexible conguration for sample/reagent positions
  • Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection & collision protection
  • 8 wavelengths: 340~670nm
  • Automatic dilution for abnormal sample
  • External bar code reader (optional)
  • Bi-directional LIS interface


  • Endpoint , Fixed-time , Kinetics and Absorbance
  • Wavelengths range 340 to 670nm
  • 7 . 0 " TFT touch screen & popup keypad
  • External keyboard and mouse support via USB
  • Up to 200 tests can be programmed
  • Testing modes:owcell and cuvette
  • User-friendly interface
  • Power-failure protection
  • Universal power supply

Biochemistry Analyser (Adam-Ag)

  • Soft Touch Screen Display - For Faster Performance
  • Separate 16 Position Dry Block Incubator
  • 5" Graphic LCD Display to Monitor O.D. Values, Real Time Graphs & Q.C's

Automated Elisa Plate Reader (E-TECH Ag)

  • Large Screen Display
  • Touch Panel/Keyboard
  • In-Built Thermal Printer
  • Bult in shaker with adjustable time and speed
  • All kind of routine immuno assays can be done


  • Touch-screen, 7.8" large color LCD display
  • Opaque lid to prevent stray light
  • Built-in thermal recorder, optional external printer
  • Non-volatile memory stores up to 20,000 results
  • Multiple Curve-tting options
  • Variable time and speed shaking modes
  • Fully automatic bi-chromatic optical system
  • Extensive report with patient information
  • Long life lamp with lamp saver feature

Automated Elisa Plate Washer (E-TECH Ag)

  • LCD Display
  • 2 Plates at a time can be incubated
  • When Filled Automatic Alaram Generates
  • Bult in shaker with adjustable time and speed
  • Two Liter Capacity
  • Long Wash, Short Wash, Rinsing & Priming

iCARE-2100 - Portable Automatic Multi-function Analyzer


Dry Chemistry (Ortho Clinical Dignostics)


DIGITAL CHEMISTRY - Ortho is leading the change in what should be expected from labs' performances. Embracing DIGITAL CHEMISTRY™ has enabled Ortho to provide a solution that can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • Market leading F.P.Y. of 96.5%
  • Reduced patient sample size to 3.8 microL
  • Improved interference detection
  • Enables XT Microslide technology
  • Improves our proven proprietary technologies
  • Future-readies your lab for the challenges of tomorrow*
  • * Compared to wet technologies

Auto Bio A1000-Matrix


Finecare Plus SE (FS-114) Matrix Labs


Finecare™ FIA Meter III Plus(FS-205)


H 8 – HBA1C Analyzer


Accurate & Hassle-free HbA1c Testing (PocketChemTM A1c)

  • No manual mixing of reagents
  • Avoid procedural errors & wastage
  • Patented Technology
  • Unaffected by most Hb variants
  • Wide Measuring Range (4-15%)
  • Results in 4 mins
  • Ease of transportation & storage

H31 PLUS Hematology Analyzer


Auto Hematology Analyzer (BC-5150)

  • WBC differential: 3-part
  • WBC differential: 5-part
  • Two kinds of lyse reagents are located inside of BC-5150
  • 10.4 inch TFT Touch Screen
  • 4 USB ports are located on the instrument’s left side


  • Innovative optical fluorescence and reflectance technology
  • Only STAT portable device that measures tHB and SO2
  • Provides fast accurate results for blood gases, acid base balance, electrolytes
  • Lower cost per test as no external reagents are required
  • Run samples of whole blood, plasma and serum on single use disposable cassettes
  • Waste is safely sealed inside the cassette for clean, easy and safe biohazard disposal
  • Room temperature storage for immediate use without warm-up
  • No electrodes required provides maintenance-free operation
  • Automatic sample aspiration for accurate results
  • Results in less than 120 seconds
  • Rechargeable battery backup of up to 8 hours
  • CE, UL, IVDD and FDA approved

Urine Analyzer (URIT-50)

  • Cold light source facility with long life and high stability
  • Internal thermal printer
  • Easy operation, cost-efficiency and high quality
  • RS232 serial interface to host PC/LIS, Barcode reader optional

Urine Analyzer – Semines


ST 200 Electrolyte Analyzer


Electrolyte Analyzer with Ion-Selective Electrodes (SPOTCHEMTMEL)

  • Easy Calibration
  • Simultaneous test of three electrolytes
  • Minute samples
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Highly reliable special electrodes
  • Convenient Twin-pipette


  • Test Method: Dispersion light nephelometric analysis
  • Test Principle: The highest point on first order differentiation, Percentage analysis
  • Zero point correction: Auto track the zero point, eliminate the interference of sample and reagent
  • Wavelength: 470nm
  • Light Source: Cold Lamp with high brightness and long lifetime
  • Detector: Unique Dispersion light detector with high sensitivity and repeatability, immunized the effect On result of jaundice\hemolysis\chyle and turbidity on plasma
  • Test Channel: Each channel is independent, one or more, same or different items can be tested

GH900 PLUS Analyzer






  • Large finger-friendly test strips for easy handling.
  • 10-test memory.
  • Accurate results with only 3°L sample.
  • Easy one-step coding. Simply insert the code chip that comes with the new test strips.
  • Easy two-step procedure to test. Insert strip to turn meter on and then apply blood to get a reading.


  • Body : Pressure die cast well-balanced body, inclinable at 900
  • Tube : Mechanical tube length 160 + 1 mm.
  • Nose Piece : Dust Proof Triple Revolving Nosepiece with positive click stop.
  • Focusing : Separate coarse & highly sensitive graduated fine focusing knobs.
  • Stage : Fixed stage size 120mm x 120mm with precision mechanical stage for x and Y movement for slide.
  • Condenser : With abbe condenser N.A. 1.2 and iris diaphragm moving up and down with rack and pinion.
  • Safety Device : Preset lock prevents damage to valuable slides objectives.
  • Optics : 10x, 40x/S/L, 100x (oil) objectives & 10x,15x or 5x ( any two ) eye pieces .


  • It is used for routine work in medical and industrial laboratories. The special features include easy lid lock, step less speed regulator with elegant front panel. They are available in three modules:
    • C8A - General purpose Laboratory Centrifuge without RPM meter and without timer. (Without head)
    • C8B - General purpose Laboratory Centrifuge with Digital Timer and without RPM meter. (Without head)
    • C8C - General purpose Laboratory Centrifuge with Digital Timer and Digital RPM meter. (Without head)
    • Compact bench top Cooling Centrifuges models CM-8 Plus and CM-12 Plus offers quiet operation with very small footprint. And more…


  • 30 Readings Memory
  • Average of 3 Readings
  • LCD Display
  • Fan Shaped Cuff
  • Automatic Inflation and Deflation
  • 4 AA Battery Operated
  • Oscillometric Method
  • Medium Arm Cuff (22-32cm)


  • Effective delivery of medication
  • High nebulisation rate ensures optimized treatment duration
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Compact and travel convenient


  • A completely new range of Bottle-Top Dispensers, introduced by Tarsons. Variable Volume. Available in two types: Simplex and Genius.
  • These autoclavable Bottle Top Dispensers are used for taking accurate aliquots of liquid from a large bottle. These are very useful and important when handlig aggresive liquids such as solvents, ensuring safety and avoiding wastage.


  • These are used for drying and staining of slides, paraffin embedding, tissue culture work, incubators of anti-body test, excellent for microbiological determination etc.
  • Power Requirements: Supplied with cord plug switch to operates on 220V, single phase 50Hz, Ac supply.


  • Double walled, inside made of SS and outside made of mild steel with a temperature range from room temperature to 80ºC with an accuracy of +/-0.5ºC with digital temperature controller. Shaking speed of oscillating tray is 40 to 140 RPM.
  • Fitted with imported thermostat of 30ºC - 110ºC with an accuracy of +/-1ºC made of double walled construction, stainless steel inside with glass wool insulation and without Thermometer.


  • These are bench top orbital shakers incorporating 12" to 12" platform for handling large tube racks, small flasks or reactor trays. The shaker platform rotates in a horizontal plane and allows a wide variety of rotary and mixing applications. The shaker has a built in 0-15 minutes Timer.


  • This is an equipment to make blood homogeneous. It is shake-less and gentle mixing process. It is essential pre-process for perfect result of RBC, WBC and platelets counting on Hematology Analyzer.


  • Mains Input: 230v, 50Hz | 110v, 60Hz
  • Body: Metal Body
  • Gauge Of Needles: Can Burn 30 to 20 Gauge
  • Destruction Time: 1.5 to 3 Seconds
  • Burning Temperature: 1400° C to 1800° C
  • Weight: 1.9 Kg. Net
  • Overall Size: 160 (L) x 133 (W) x 92 (H) mm


  • Mains Input: 230v, 50Hz : 100v, 60Hz AC Supply
  • W x D x H: 168 (W) x 232 (D) x 88 (H)
  • Body: Metal Body
  • Weight: 2.3 Kg. Net
  • Trmp. Controller: Digital Type
  • Temp. Range: 37ºC To 70ºC
  • Accuracy: 0.5ºC @ 37ºC, ± 3% Except 37ºC
  • Heating Block: 24 Holes of 12.7 mm Diameter
  • Timer: 1 To 999 (Digital Type)


  • Product Description: KEMI Blood Bank Refrigerator are specially designed for storing Blood Bags/Bottles and other specific medical products like vaccines, cultures, reagencies etc to store in a fixed temp. of 4 ºC. with an accuracy of +/- 0.5ºC. It is ideally suitable for Blood Banks, Hospitals, Pathological and Haematological Laboratories.


  • Product Description: Deep freezer are designed for freezing and storing of blood components, vaccines, serum, biological and medical specimens, clinical samples etc at low temperature


  • Designed for mixing liquids in Schools, Laboratories & Factories
  • Touch/ Continuous Operation mode Selection through bi-directional Switch
  • Speed Regulation through knob provided on the control panel
  • Interchangeable mixing heads for use with variety of tubes


  • Product Description: Kemi offers a comprehensive range of high performance Vertical & Horizontal Laminar Air Flow clean air cabinets. These are designed to meet the filtration, noise and vibration requirements.


  • PT tube, with additive of sodium citrate(1:9), blue cap.
  • ESR tube, with additive of sodium citrate(1:4), black cap.
  • EDTA tube, with additibe of EDTAK2/K2, Purple cap.
  • Haparin tube, with additive of sodium heparin /lithum heparin, green cap.
  • Glucose tube, with additive of sodium fluoride and potassium oxalate,gery cap material: glass or palstic.
  • SST tube, with additibe of Gel& clot-activator, yellow cap.
  • serum tube, procoagulation tube, red cap
  • plain tube, no additive, red cap
  • specification 13*75mm,13*100mm,16*100mm